The Multi-Functional Face Oil: NSF (NeuroSkinFeeds) The MicroOil* (50ml, £49, link)

Multi-functional skincare that boasts benefits for your skin and your mind are becoming more and more popular these days and one of my recent discoveries has been the wonderful NSF The MicroOil from NeuroSkinFeeds. On the one hand, this facial oil is rich in plant-based antioxidants and fatty acids with high levels coming from Squalene Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Camelina Sativa Seed Oil which are also high in Vitamin E, essential for healthy skin maintenance. These oils work hard to calm irritation and redness, boost elasticity and firmness, smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, support the skin’s natural barrier and maintain moisture levels for a softer and more hydrated complexion.

On the other hand, these plant oils also double up to have a positive effect on mental wellbeing thanks to their Omega 3 rich levels and the natural properties of Tryptophan, an important precursor for Serotonin AKA the ‘happy’ hormone’. Given the stress of this year, I’ll use as much as possible!