Psychoemotional well-being that is reflected in the skin
There is an intimate relationship between the skin and the nervous system, as Neurocosmetics has demonstrated in recent years, and as the renowned Spanish therapist, Tatu Cutillas, established in London for thirty years, verified some time ago.

“I realized that the use of certain chemicals used in perfumes and cosmetics can cause inflammation of the brain and alter the mood, quickly,” explains Cutillas, an expert in the field of addictions.

Continuous research has discovered the power of neurocosmetics to combat these negative effects, support receptors and neurotransmitters, and offer a sensory experience of greater well-being, while bringing freshness, health and beauty to the skin.

“I have always liked to know and have control, among my personal care products, knowing what active ingredients I put on my skin. The creams directly end up in our blood, and thus in the liver, brain, kidneys, etc. Everything is affected – either positively or negatively“

Tatu Cutillas, founder of NeuroSkinFeeds®.


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