The Micro Oil

As a multi-functional product, The MicroOil takes care of your skin, your mind and your mood - naturally.

Award Winning...

beauty shortlist awards 2021 - winner

beauty shortlist awards 2021 - wellbeing winner

social personal award 2021

NeuroSkinFeeds™ products are vegan, cruelty-free and suitable for sensitive skin.


Facial Beauty

This antioxidant-rich oil is based on the camelina sativa flower and has a calming effect
on both the mind and skin.

NeuroSkinFeeds™ - Setting the mood for optimum skin health

Omega 3 reduces inflammation in the brain, which can cause mood shifts, headaches and more.

As Seen In...

“Looking forward to trying this (The MicroMilk). Never tried anything CBD before so this is a pretty big deal for me. Loved the NSF MicroOil, so I trust these guys implicitly.”



“I am absolutely in love with this product … this is my current day oil ….it’s GLORIOUS. Smells like holidays and is hydrating and feels like a dream, just stunning. My skin just loves it.”  



“The most amazing miracle liquid. Mine is half way down the bottle as I haven’t used another oil or serum since I got it. It’s amazing.”  



“Just received this newly launched body moisturiser by NeuroSkinFeeds. I’m already in love with The MicroOil, so really looking forward to trying The MicroMilk out.” 


“What A Product!!! Lightweight, but packs serious hydration. You get oil-like nourishment without an oil slick. CBD for calming, soothing and antioxidant protection and the finish is gorgeous. Such a gentle ‘healthy’ glow.”

“Absolutely LOVE this NSF MicroMilk body lotion – light texture, yet very moisturising. Absorbs quickly, so there’s no waiting around in the cold, naked! ”


“Going to need a litre bottle of this stuff!!! Honestly soooo good. It’s genuinely gorgeous. One of the best body products I’ve used. Fantastic for bodies with hair too (my chest and legs) effortlessly absorbs. It’s a total daily go to now.”

“The MicroMilk is absolutely amazing, as is The MicroOil. I actually used every last bit of The MicroMilk, that’s how good it is. I don’t always finish everything, but both of your products, I had empties. I love the ethos of your brand.”


“One of the most memorable winners – for me. An exceptional, innovative formula in a league of its own”


“Something I’m loving at the moment is The MicroMilk. I find it perfect as soon as I get out of the shower. I apply this all over & it’s so lightweight & hydrating. I can get dressed immediately ….. smells so good too”